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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi

UM Transfer Course Equivalencies

Equivalencies for Edse 447Special Methods I: Social Studies

School Course Name UM Credits
Blue Mountain Christian University (C002398)
EDU 460 — Prin. Of High Sch. Tchg. 3.00
SSCI 450 — Meth of Teach S S in Sec Schoo 3.00
Delta State University (C002403)
CUR 494 — Social Studies In The High School 3.00
Emporia State University (C001927)
SS 460PA — Teaching Sec Social Studies 3.00
Indiana University-Bloomington (C001809)
EDUC M 441 — Meth Tch Sr/Jr/Ms Soc Studies 3.00
Mississippi State University (C002423)
EDS 4643 — Teaching of Social Studies 3.00
The University of West Georgia (C001601)
SEED 4242 — Instruct Strat for Sec Sci Edu 3.00
University of Southern Mississippi (C002441)
CIS 458 — Methods in Social Studies-Secondary 3.00