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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi

UM Transfer Course Equivalencies

Equivalencies for Edsp 405Instr Strat for Students Mild/Mod Dis

School Course Name UM Credits
Austin Peay State University (C003478)
SPEd 3300 — Char of Mild/Mod Handica 3.00
Blue Mountain Christian University (C002398)
SE 440 — Inclusn of the Mildly/Mod Disbld in the 3.00
SE 450 — Assmt & Curr Dev for the Mildly/Mod Disa 3.00
Mississippi State University (C002423)
EDSP 405 — InstrStratMild/ModDis 3.00
Simmons College (C002208)
GEDUC 460 — Teach Strategies Inclusiv 3.00
University of Southern Mississippi (C002441)
SPE 442 — Inter & Transl Policies for Mild/Mod Sec 3.00