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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi

UM Transfer Course Equivalencies

Equivalencies for Msl 340American Military Experience

School Course Name UM Credits
Loyola University in New Orleans (C002016)
HIST A248 — U.S. Military History 3.00
Marion Military Institute (C001026)
HY 210 — Military History 3.00
Mississippi Valley State University (C002424)
HI 422 — American Military History 3.00
Old Dominion University (C003728)
HIST 360U — American Military History 3.00
Rutgers University Newark Campus (C002631)
512 364 — Military US 1800-2000 3.00
United States Merchant Marine Academy (C002892)
HH 100 — History of Seapower 3.00
University of Southern Mississippi (C002441)
MS 350 — American Military Experience 3.00