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The University of Mississippi

Winter Intersession 2019

Posted on: August 30th, 2017 by denisek

*Important Information: Make-up days could possibly be added to the end of the published calendar which could include classes or exams the following week. Enrollees are encouraged to avoid making commitments that would prevent them from attending classes or exams that could be held on these make-up days if necessary due to weather or other unpredictable circumstances.

Date(s) Day(s) Event(s)
Oct 15 – Nov 5 Mon-Mon Academic Advising (for winter session  and spring)
Oct 29 – Nov 12 Mon-Mon Priority Registration (for winter session and spring)
Oct 29 – Nov 30 Mon-Fri Phase 1 registration period (for winter session and spring)
November 9 Friday Application for first-time enrollment should be submitted no later than this date.
December 1 Saturday $50 registration fee assessed this date.  Phase 2 registration
January 2 Wednesday Last day to officially cancel registration and avoid responsibility for payment of tuition and fees.
January 3 Thursday Classes begin; late registration fee ($100) assessed this date; 100% refund (less 5% of fees or $100, whichever is less) on withdrawals through January 4.  Phase 3 registration.
January 4 Friday Last day to register or add classes; refund period ends.
January 4 Friday Deadline for course withdrawals – Law School only.
January 5 Saturday $10 fee assessed per drop or add
January 8 Tuesday Deadline for course withdrawals (no refund; refund period ended January 4).
January 8 Tuesday Mandatory drop date for non-attendance.
January 16 Wednesday Classes end
January 17 Thursday Final examinations