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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi
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  • Welcome to the Office of the Registrar!

    Responsibilities of the Office of the Registrar include registration of students for classes, recording of class grades on official university records, maintaining and supplying transcripts of students’ academic work and processing course withdrawals.

    Here is some need-to-know information about registration:

    Registration Eligibility

    To be eligible to register for classes, a student must be: (1) a new student who applies for admission and receives a certificate of admission, (2) a continuing student from the preceding regular semester or summer term, or (3) a former student, not enrolled in the preceding regular semester or summer term, who applies for re-admission and receives a certificate of re-admission.

    New Student Registration

    Each new undergraduate student attends an orientation session prior to, or at the beginning of, the student’s first semester. During this session, new students are given special assistance in setting up their first class schedule and are able to register for their classes.

    Full-time Course Load and Maximum Course Load

    Full-time enrollment at the undergraduate level is defined as 12 credit hours for a fall or spring regular registration period. This definition does not depend on the mode of course delivery or the location of the course. However, courses taken as Independent Study are not counted toward the course load of a given semester. The maximum course load is 21 hours for a regular semester. Students are advised not to take more than 19 hours without a compelling reason and a cumulative GPA four-tenths of a point above 2.0 for each extra hour desired. To register for more than 19 hours, a student must seek permission from his or her dean’s office.

    Priority Registration

    Continuing students may register online by using their WebID through the myOleMiss portal. Online class schedules for an upcoming priority registration period are available approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of priority registration. An academic adviser must approve each student’s schedule. The time when a student may begin registration varies for different categories of students. Students accept the responsibility for maintaining acceptable grades and for the payment of fees at the time they register.

    Late Registration

    Students who do not register before classes begin have until the last day to register, which is the 10th day of classes of a regular semester, to complete the process. During this period, a late registration fee will be assessed. No student will be permitted to register for classes after the last day to register without a serious and compelling reason approved by the dean of the student’s school or college. In no case may a student register after the last regular class day in any semester.

    Drop-Add Procedures

    Students may add courses, using the myOleMiss portal, through the fifth day in which classes meet during a regular semester. After the fifth day, students must have the approval of the instructor in the course. After the 10th day of classes (the last day to register), courses may be added only under extraordinary circumstances approved by the dean of the school or college in which the student is enrolled, and a small fee will be assessed per added course. In no case may a student add a class after the last regular class day in any semester.

    A student may drop any course, using the online system, until the course withdrawal deadline, which is the 30th day in which classes meet during a regular semester. However, after the 10th day of classes a small fee will be assessed per dropped course. No indication of enrollment in a course properly dropped will be shown on any University of Mississippi record.

    Withdrawal from the University

    A student who wishes to withdraw from the university (i.e., withdraw from all courses) during the course of a semester, intersession, or summer term can withdraw online at or can provide written notification via fax, mail, or in person to the Office of the Registrar. Appropriate university offices (Student Housing, Financial Aid, Bursar, ID Center, Library, and Academic Dean) will be notified of the withdrawal. Full refunds of tuition and fees (minus a processing fee) are given for withdrawals during the first 10 days of classes of a regular semester, and no refunds are given after the 10th day of classes. Students who withdraw must apply for readmission if not enrolling for the subsequent term.