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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi

First Spring Term 2024

Posted on: June 21st, 2022 by denisek
Dates Days Events
October 9 to October 30 Monday to Monday Academic Advising (for winter session and spring)
October 23 to November 6 Monday to Monday Priority Registration (for winter session and spring)
October 23 to November 30 Monday to Thursday Phase 1 registration period (for winter session and spring)
December 1 Friday $50 registration fee assessed this date.  Phase 2 registration.
January 15 Monday MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. HOLIDAY (Administrative Offices closed.)
*January 22 Monday Start of First Spring Term
*January 24 Wednesday Last day to officially cancel registration and avoid responsibility for payment of tuition and fees.
*January 25 Thursday Registration fee ($100) assessed this date; 100% refund (less 5% of fees or $100, whichever is less) on withdrawals through *January 30.  Phase 3 registration.
*January 30 Tuesday Last day to register or add classes. Refund period ends.
*January 31 Wednesday $10 fee assessed per drop or add.
*February 1 Thursday Mandatory drop date for non-attendance.
February 6 Tuesday Deadline for course withdrawals (no refund; refund period ended *January 30).
February 28 Wednesday Classes end.
March 4 – 5 Monday to Tuesday Final Examinations.

* Due to the delay in the start of the spring semester classes on account of snow days, a few adjustments to the academic calendar have been made. Changes are in bold red and denoted with an (*) above.