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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi

UM Transfer Course Equivalencies

Equivalencies for Bus 322Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

School Course Name UM Credits
Florida State University (C001489)
MAN 4441 — Negotiation 3.00
Marshall University (C003815)
MGT 428 — Negotiations 3.00
Nova Southeastern University (C001509)
HRM 3100 — Managing Conflict & Change 3.00
Temple University (C003371)
HRM 0315 — Power, Influence and Neg 3.00
University of North Texas (C003594)
PADM 4050 — Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 3.00
University of South Alabama (C001057)
MGT 462 — Negotiate/Disp Resolutn in Bus 3.00