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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi

UM Transfer Course Equivalencies

Equivalencies for Edld 420Exercising Leadership: Mobilizing Group

School Course Name UM Credits
Christian Brothers University (C003482)
CBU 300 — Peer Counselor Lead Devel I 3.00
Hinds Community College (C002407)
LEA 2713 — Honors Leadership Development 3.00
Kennesaw State University (C001577)
LDRS 3800 — Leading in Groups 3.00
National University (C011460)
LED 430 — Conflict/Negotiation for Ldrs 3.00
Pearl River Community College (C002430)
HON 1713 — Honors Leadership Development 3.00
Purdue University Main Campus (C001825)
EDPS 315 — Leadership: Listening 3.00
San Diego Christian College (C012031)
LDR 410 — Leading in the Global Marketplace 3.00
University of Maryland-College Park (C002103)
PLCY 201 — Public Leader Activ Citz 3.00