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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi

UM Transfer Course Equivalencies

Equivalencies for Edrd 415Met & Mats for Teaching Read in Elem Sch

School Course Name UM Credits
Athens State University (C001008)
EL 413 — Tching Read Intm Grades 3.00
Austin Peay State University (C003478)
EDUC 402 — Tchng Rdg-Elem Sch 3.00
Drury University (C002461)
EDUC 407 — Mthds Of Teaching Reading Elem 3.00
Langston University (C003157)
ED 3013.11 — Lang Art in Elem 3.00
ED 3053.11 — Read in the Ele Sc 3.00
Mississippi State University (C002423)
EPY 4033 — Applicatn of Learning Theories in Educal 3.00
Northern Virginia Community College (C003727)
CHD 110 — Language Arts/Child 3.00
UM Correspondence Work (Z500033)
EDRD 415 — Meth/Mat Tchg Rdg Elem Sch 3.00
University of Alabama in Huntsville (C001055)
ED 115 — Effective Reading And Study Skills 3.00
University of Memphis (C003509)
ELED 3241 — Tchg Lang Arts Elem 3.00