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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi

UM Transfer Course Equivalencies

Equivalencies for Pol 398Special Topics in Political Science

School Course Name UM Credits
Armstrong State University (C001546)
POLS 3990 — Sp Top: Vietnam 3.00
Loyola University of Chicago (C001710)
PLSC 300A — Pol Iss: Politics and the Economy 3.00
PLSC 300A — Pol Iss: Women & Politics in the U.S. 3.00
PLSC 300A — Pol Iss: Political Sociolization 3.00
PLSC 300A — Pol Iss: Rold of Islam/Diff Pol Context 3.00
Mississippi State University (C002423)
PS 4990 — Special Topics in Political Science 3.00
Mississippi University for Women (C002422)
POL 450 — Special Topics In Political Science 3.00
Southeastern Louisiana University (C002024)
POLI 480 — Special Topics in Poli 3.00
Tougaloo College (C002439)
POL 313 — Legal Research 3.00
University of South Alabama (C001057)
PSC 490 — Sp Top-Healthcare Around World 3.00
University of St Francis (IL) (C001664)
POLI 494 — Topics: Colonial America 3.00