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Office of the Registrar
The University of Mississippi

UM Transfer Course Equivalencies

Equivalencies for Soc 316Sociology of Sport

School Course Name UM Credits
University of Arizona (C001083)
SOC 302 — Sports and Society 3.00
University of Louisana at Lafayette (C002031)
SOCI 375 — Sociology of Sport 3.00
University of Missouri-Columbia (C002516)
SOCIOL 3430 — Sociology of Sport 3.00
University of North Carolina at Charlott (C002975)
AMST 3050 — Topics in AMST: Sports in America 3.00
University of Southern California (C001328)
COMM 387 — Writing and Critical Reasoning-Thematic 3.00
University of Washington (C003798)
SOC 222 — Sociology of Sport 3.00